A serene view of a placid pond with a woman sitting on the end of a wooden dock, gazing at the waterbirds swimming.

Origami in a house aflame

Why your company’s actions seem counterproductive

I have this recurring vision of tech practitioners as skilled origami experts, trying to fold paper into clever and graceful swans while their house is fully engulfed in flames. As quickly as they create the little paper animals they burst into flame. It doesn’t really matter that they are masters at their difficult and obscure craft…




Ancestry Thinker, Software Alchemist, Regenerative Rancher

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Alan Cooper

Alan Cooper

Ancestry Thinker, Software Alchemist, Regenerative Rancher

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This is a horizontal bar chart labeled “Stations closest to an H+H Center.” Stations are on the y-axis, and distance in miles on the x-axis. Distance is between 0 to .25 miles. Stations are ordered by miles ascending. Stations, beginning with the closest, include 135 St, Flushing Ave, 168 St-Broadway, 61 St-Woodside, Dekalb Ave, Dyckman St, 125 St, 96 St-2 Ave, Broadway-Lafayette, and Jay St-Metrotech. The most high-traffic station is 125 St, and the least is Dyckman St.