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Should Designers Code????

No, Part Four. A few other reasons.

The self-referential view.

It’s unsurprising that a lot of bogus thinking has penetrated the “should designers code” debate. People have a tendency to extrapolate from their own preferences and experiences some universal quality that simply isn’t there. Just because certain things are important to you, that doesn’t mean it’s a universal truth for everyone.

The cry for help.

If the recurring question of whether or not designers should write code were an honest enquiry into workplace effectiveness instead of a dog whistle for simmering tech-world prejudices, the question would not be worded in such a one-sided manner.

On the TV show, Sheldon is a scientist, but he’s a programmer.

The conflict of interest.

A well-hidden yet powerful force affects us every day in our jobs: conflict of interest. The goal of creating any product is to serve a user, but when your job is about coding and not about serving, there is a conflict of interest.

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